Clinics and Services

Asthma Clinic

Patients with asthma and chronic lung disorders are encouraged to attend for monitoring and education. Smoking cessation advice and treatment is available to all smokers. Asthma Review form

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Cervical Smears

Cervical Smears are undertaken by all the practice nurses. Automatic recall appointments will be sent every five years or sooner as necessary if a previous abnormality has been found. See National Guidelines

Diabetes Clinic

The clinic offers support and information to all diabetic patients, including those newly diagnosed and/or recently registered. Blood glucose meters are available on loan.
All diabetic patients are offered an annual review with the nurse to monitor treatment and detect early complications. Make an appointment

Musculoskeletal Clinic

From June 2016 we will be able to offer musculoskeletal appointments with a musculoskeletal clinical specialist. He will be offering advice and education for musculoskeletal conditions, but not standard physiotherapy or hands on treatment. Patients can expect exercise advice and self-management support.

This service will be by appointment only on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Make an appointment

Blood Tests

Routine blood tests are carried out at the surgery by the phlebotomist on weekday mornings. Blood tests can also be done at home for housebound patients.

Coronary Heart Disease Clinic

Patients with coronary heart disease or those at high risk will be offered an annual review to monitor their risk factors and treatment. Self referral is encouraged. Make an appointment

Minor Operations Clinic

The doctors can do some minor operations on site (such as mole removal and treating ingrowing toenails). Your doctor will advise if this is possible and the receptionist will send you an appointment for the next available session. Make an appointment

Well Person Clinic

Well Person Consultations offered by the practice nurses include lifestyle advice, diet, exercise, smoking, osteoporosis and men’s/women’s health concerns. Make an appointment